Northwest Association of College & University Housing Officers


Membership to the Mailing List listserv@nwacuho.org

After consultation and work with many of you, the Board and Communications Committee would like to formally welcome you to the NWACUHO ListServ!

On this web page you can subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, the mailing list listserv@nwacuho.org.

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To use the Listserv to ask a question, please follow these guidelines:

1)      Compose a new e-mail to listserv@nwacuho.org
2)      Please ensure you use one of the following ‘tags’ in your subject:
                a.      [Facilities] – for Facilities-related inquiries
                b.      [ResLife] – for inquiries specific to residence life programs
                c.      [Operations] for questions focused on Operational areas.
                d.      If you would like to share a job posting, we ask that you please do so                 through our Job Board.
3)      Write out your inquiry and hit send! A Moderator will review your message and release it within 48 hours.
4)      If you see a question on the Listserv that you can answer, please reply directly to the person asking the question.
5)      Once you have asked your question and received responses, please take a few minutes to put those answers together into a PDF and re-send it to the entire listserv.

Email mod@nwacuho.org with questions!