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Annual Memberships run from January to December of the given year.

Corporate Membership Program

NWACUHO could not be what it is today without our corporate members.  The relationships that we have with our corporate members go beyond a simple financial transaction.  We firmly believe that our association is better because of the high level of engagement and participation our corporate members have with NWACUHO.  We’ve revamped our Corporate Membership Program for the 2020 calendar year to include more value and benefits for our members. We hope that you will consider becoming a part of NWACUHO.  

Why Become a Corporate Member

In addition to the number of benefits outlined in this packet, there are several reasons to become a corporate member of NWACUHO.  

Our Corporate Membership Program will allow you to streamline your sponsorship process while being an active member of the association.  While individual members are often familiar with a company name or product, the corporate membership will help to facilitate the individual relationships between your company’s representatives and the individual members who work on the campuses in our Northwest region. 

The Corporate Membership Program does not affect your interactions with individual schools and pre-existing relationships; however, we have found our membership is typically quite passionate about our region and the work we do, so you may find that your corporate membership with NWACUHO provides your company with an internationally recognized commonality with many of the institutions in your market. Please note that while we are happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities, we are unable to accept gift in kind contributions in lieu of membership fees. 

Four Corporate Membership levels exist, each with excellent benefits outlined in the table below: 

Membership Level Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Membership Fee  $300  $500  $1,000 $3,500
Additional meal packages 1 2 2 Unlimited
Recognition on NWACUHO Website        
Access to the NWACUHO Blog        
Membership level ribbon for conference name tag        
List of Conference Participants        
Ability to attend conference sessions when you also register as an exhibitor        
Opportunity to partner with institutional members on program proposals when you also register as an exhibitor        
Advertising space on NWACUHO website      
Recognition as event sponsor – brief welcome and introduction (exhibitor break, meal, social event, Activity)      
Recognition as Conference Sponsor – Featured slides in exhibitor hall    
Priority placement in exhibit hall when you also register as an exhibitor    
Plaque presented by the association at the Annual Conference    
Logo featured on handout for conference pin
Recognition as a sponsor of a keynote speaker, meal or other major Annual Conference event
Complimentary exhibitor registration at the Annual Conference (value $800)
One free double wide exhibitor booth (8’x16’) at the Annual Conference (value $800)
Custom Sponsorship Opportunity 

Exhibitor Information

Upon Registration opening, location-specific information regarding shipping, booths, schedule, and events will be posted here.

Registering as an Exhibitor 

Please note that registration for exhibitors at the annual conference closes two weeks prior to the start of the conference. This firm two week deadline is intended to ensure that there is sufficient time to confirm pipe and drape requirements with the hotel and ensure that a fair exhibitor floor plan can be prepared. 

Early Bird Rate 

The early bird registration fee for conference exhibitors is $800 USD. Following the early bird deadline, the exhibitor registration fee increases to $850 USD. 

Exhibitor Meals 

Each exhibitor booth includes one attendee. If an exhibitor is bringing additional attendees, they must be registered and additional meal packages are required. Exhibitors can register additional attendees through the online registration platform. Additional meal packages are offered at a discounted rate of $70 per person.

Vendor and Professional Engagement

The NWACUHO Annual Conference is designed to enrich the housing profession by offering professional development and networking opportunities to members of the housing and residence communities. Creating meaningful opportunities to connect with corporate members and exhibitors is a key goal of the annual conference. 

Please include a brief exhibitor description with your exhibitor registration to be distributed to conference attendees upon arrival. All exhibitors are invited to submit a 30 second video introducing themselves to be included on NWACUHO’s social media platforms leading up to the annual conference. 

Professionals from our member institutions will be presented with a hypothetical situation in which they will be asked to create a housing program, including the renovation of a residential facility.  Participants will be asked to select products and services showcased by our exhibitors during the conference.  The goal of this program is two-fold: To facilitate a greater level of engagement between our exhibitors and institutional member delegates; and to help professionals learn about interacting with vendors and contractors to procure goods and services that support college and university housing programs.

Exhibition Hall
Upon Registration opening, location-specific information regarding shipping, booths, schedule, and events will be posted here. For any immediate questions or concerns, please contact the Corporate Relations Director at corporate@nwacuho.org 

Included in your Exhibit Booth Rental Package:

  • Booth space with back and sidewall drape, 8’ wide x 8’ deep
  • One ~6’ draped and skirted table and two chairs
  • Wireless internet access 
  • Trash can
  • Power drops can be requested for an additional fee 

Placement in the Exhibition Hall

Here are some important details about how we assign space to exhibitors in the exhibition hall.  We want to make sure that you get the best value for your investment in our organization. With that in mind, please note the following:

  1. The NWACUHO Corporate Relations Director will assign booth space to the exhibitors.
  2. Every effort will be made to place booths displaying similar products from being located next to one another, and to accommodate adjacencies to other booths, as requested by the exhibitors.  However, please understand that we do not guarantee particular placement in the in the exhibit hall.  
  3. Assignments will be based on the order in which registrations and payments are received.  The only exception to this is for our Platinum Corporate Members, who have the right to choose their placement as a benefit of their membership level.
  4. Assignment decisions of the NWACUHO Corporate Relations Director are final.
  5. All booths are charged at the same rate, regardless of location in the exhibit hall.  

Exhibition Area Policies

The NWACUHO Exhibit Hall provides excellent opportunities for exhibitors to meet and discuss service needs and products with participating members attending the conference.  The NWACUHO Corporate Relations Director is dedicated to making each individual exhibitor’s and delegate’s experience in the Exhibits Hall a positive one.  To this end, these modest regulations will be enforced.  Exhibitor behavior toward other exhibitors, hotel and conference staff, and conference participants is expected to be professional at all times.  Respectful treatment of other exhibitors and their products is expected. Exhibitors are expected to adhere to the following policies.  

Exhibitors may not:
  • Sublet or assign any portion of their booth(s) to any other company or organization without prior written authorization from NWACUHO.  Sharing booth space with a non-affiliated company will not be permitted. 
  • Conduct business activities in a manner that interferes with easy navigation of the aisle in front of the exhibitor’s booth(s).  Demonstrations and sales activities are to be conducted within the exhibitor’s designated booth space. 
  • Distribute advertising or promotional materials outside of the exhibitor’s designated booth(s).  However, the exchange of business cards from registered exhibitors is permitted.  
  • Photograph or videotape any product, material, or booth other than the exhibitor’s own.  Any photography in the Exhibit Hall must be authorized by NWACUHO Corporate Relations Director. 
  • Have access to the Exhibit Hall during non-exhibit hours.  Exhibit Hall hours will be included in the exhibitor Check-In package.  
  • Tamper with or remove materials from any booth other than the exhibitor’s own.  
  • Initiate or participate in actions perceived as intimidating, hostile, disrespectful, or inappropriate.  
  • Have staff working in the booth without a badge. 
  • Exhibitors presenting Program sessions during the conference are to adhere to guidelines herein.  

Violations of the Exhibit Area Policies
When a violation of the Exhibition regulations is brought to the attention of the NWACUHO Corporate Relations Director, the following steps will be followed:

    1. An investigation into the reported violation will occur.
    2. A review of the findings of the investigation will occur by the NWACUHO Corporate Relations Director.
    3. The Corporate Relations Director will recommend appropriate action to the NWACUHO Executive Board.  
    4. Upon review of the investigative summary and recommendation for action, the NWACUHO Executive Board will render a decision.  The decision of the NWACUHO Executive Board is final and may not be appealed. 

Possible Action for Violations of Exhibits Regulations

When information supports a decision that a violation(s) of the regulations has occurred, sanctions may include, but are not limited to:  

  • A written warning to be kept on file.  
  • Specific company representatives or individuals may be prohibited from attending NWACUHO conferences for a specified period of time.  
  • The company or organization may be prohibited from exhibiting at NWACUHO conferences for a specified period of time.  
  • The company or organization may be prohibited from inclusion or acknowledgement in NWACUHO publications or media. 


Cancellation of an Exhibit Hall booth or attendance will not cancel a program slated for presentation.  To cancel Exhibit hall participation, contact the NWACUHO Corporate Relations Director.  To cancel a program presentation, contact the Program chair. 

Attending Program Sessions 

  1. The Program Committee specifically requires that Interest sessions not be used as an opportunity to make a sales-type presentation that promotes their products or services during a program presentation.  While these comments are often well intended, they are typically not well received by attendees, and are often considered inappropriate.  Interest sessions are not an appropriate forum for sales pitches.  
  2. Exhibitors are expected to exhibit professionalism, and will not make disparaging remarks about competitors. 

Presenting as an Exhibitor
Corporate members who are also exhibitors have the opportunity to submit program proposals in tandem with delegates from member institutions.  Please note the following requirements:

    • The primary presenters are required to be registered to attend the conference.  (Conference registration is complimentary with the purchase of an exhibit booth, as described in the Exhibitor Information and Application materials.)  
    • Exhibitors are required to pair with delegates from member institutions when submitting and presenting conference programs.  
    • The Program Committee does allow additions of presenters after the program has been accepted, but will not accept full-scale substitutions of presenters to include only exhibitors. 
    • The Program Committee reserves the right to consider who presenters are, because it is necessary to limit the number of programs one presenter is involved with, and to ensure the overall variety and/or quality of the conference programs.  
    • Program proposals are to include a detailed abstract of the presentation.  
    • The information presented during the program is to remain consistent with the abstract.  It is unacceptable for program content to not accurately reflect the description of the program listed in the conference program.  
    • Conference programs are to provide an educational perspective that is balanced and impartial, and not be a sales or product showcase.  The Program Committee will not accept programs that are designed to promote a particular product/service.  Additionally, if complaints are received from attendees that this has occurred during the program, future program proposals from the exhibitor may be restricted from the next annual conference.  
    • Program sessions are open to all conference attendees.  For presenting exhibitors, this may mean that competitors may attend the program.  
    • It is expected that all program attendees are provided materials, including those who may be competitors of the presenting exhibitor.  
    • The opportunity for exhibitors to present at the annual conference is limited to exhibitors who are current NWACUHO corporate members. 

Please understand that Program slots are limited in number and by category or track.  Prior to making final selections, the Program Committee reviews the number of programs slated by presenters and may eliminate programs if:  

  1. There are more than two programs to be accepted from the same presenter / company.  
  2. There are additional programs from institutional presenters on the same topic.  The eliminated programs will be listed as “alternates” by the Program Committee and may receive a program slot for the conference if other programs are cancelled.  

Sponsorship levels do not guarantee program selection, as each program is selected based on merit.