Northwest Association of College & University Housing Officers

Board of Director Elections

The NWACUHO Board of Directors is democratically elected by the members of the association in accordance with our Association’s bylaws and Elections Policy. 

Serving on the Board of Directors is a fantastic opportunity to give back to our region and support the professional development of our members. Successful candidates play an instrumental role in the management of an international professional association. From budgets to event planning to risk management, service on the NWACUHO board can expose you to a wide variety of ACUHO-I’s Core Competencies and help you develop your professional skills and network, which is a benefit not only to individuals but also to the institutions that support them. Commitments range from 2 to 3 years, promising successful candidates a wide breadth of exposure and opportunities to enrich the housing profession.

Hear from past Board Members on why YOU should run for a position this year!

To learn more about the specific duties of these positions, please read page 13 of our bylaws. You are also welcome to reach out to the incumbent in each role for questions; their contact information is located on our Board of Directors page.

Election Process

Earlier this year, we held Elections for the vacant Board of Director positions.  Unfortunately, we did not receive interest in all positions.  To that end, NWACUHO is now doing an additional call for interested individuals to fill four open positions on our Board of Directors.

Similar to our last elections process, voting will occur remotely with the Senior Housing Officer (SHO) from each 2019 member institution casting their vote. While there will only be one ballot cast per institution, we do encourage departmental discussion in decision making.

All application materials will be due at 5:00 PM on Monday, March 18, 2019.  Please read below for more information on how to submit application materials.

Available Positions in 2019

Communications Director, term expires: Feb 2021

Corporate Relations Director, term expires: Feb 2020

Oregon Representative, term expires: Feb 2021

Alaska/Yukon Representative, expires Feb 2020

Position Information

Position descriptions for all board of director positions are available online. We would also strongly encourage you to review the Association’s Bylaws, which have a more detailed description of positions, starting on page 13. You can also contact the person currently in the position you’re interested in with additional questions.


What are the attendance requirements to run for a position?

As stated on the Institutional Support Form, you need to be present at Board Training as your first official duty, which is the day after the February conference ends, as well as monthly remote attendance at Board Meetings, and in-person meetings each May, October and February (meetings are each 3 days, 2 nights in length).

What are the financial requirements to run for a position?

In order to promote access and inclusion, involvement on the NWACUHO Board of Directors is largely funded effective February 2019. As stated on the Institutional Support Form, you or your institution are responsible for the annual conference registration, travel and lodging at the annual conference, and incidentals such as taxi fare and meals between sites for the board meetings. All other costs are paid for by the Association. 

Can a candidate run for more than one position?

Yes. However, if elected for a position, they will have to accept the position and withdraw from consideration for other positions; or, turn down the position they were elected for to continue running for other positions. We discourage candidates from running for multiple positions and instead focus on the position they are really interested in.

Do I need to include a reference or support letter from my supervisor or my institution?

No. The institutional support form is accepted in the place of a letter of reference or support from your institution. The institutional support form outlines both time and financial commitments of serving on the board of directors.

To Apply

  1. Read through this page for FAQs and application information.
  2. Complete the Institutional Support Form with your supervisor and SHO
  3. Consider your answers to these questions:
    • What makes you uniquely qualified for this position on the NWACUHO Board of Directors?
    • Please list previous NWACUHO, regional housing association, community services, or other professional association experiences and leadership opportunities you have been involved with that would make you a strong candidate for the NWACUHO Board of Directors.
    • Describe your vision for how NWACUHO should serve its constituents.
    • As a NWACUHO Board member, how will you incorporate the Association’s Mission and Values into your work, and how will you benefit from the opportunity to serve?
  4. Select a photograph to represent yourself on the elections website, minimum resolution of 640×480, max size 10 MB.
  5. Record a brief (1-3 minutes) video introducing yourself and summarizing your qualification and interest in the position, then upload it to YouTube so you can submit the link.
  6. When you have prepared your materials, complete the online application form. Note: You will be required to login with a Google Account. This can any existing account you own, or you may choose to create a new one.
  7. Email past-pres@nwacuho.org with any questions.