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2011 Annual Conference Presentations

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Topic Presenters
Adventures in Apartment Housing Ashlee Norris
Bed Bugs and their Enrollment into Higher Education Lisa Geraci, Sandi Bottemiller, Cindy Schuppert, Ginger Smith
Beyond Discipline: Engaging the Mosaic of Student Integrity Development JIll Yashinsky-Wortman
Boys Will Be Boys: An Exploration into Guyland Alyssa Graham
Building and Training the Res Life Family Rana Hakami, Megan Callaghan
Collaborating for Organizational Change: A Straight-Forward Restructuring Model Michael Griffel, Amy Akana
Community Space – Crafting A Cultural Community Chris Rogerson, Megan Callaghan
Completeing the Mosaic: Environmentally Sustainable Residence Halls Tina Fuchs, Patrick Moser, Russell Jones
Counselor in Residence Maria Bonifacio, Anna Hinman
Defining Success Through The Lens of University Housing Richard DeShields
Do it in the Dark: Beginning an Energy Saving Compeition in Residence Kait Hazzard, Deb Baldarelli
Existential Leadership Jenni Chadick
Experience Advising: Retraining Yet Again – Helping your new exec board learn the ropes Esther Gaines
From Residence Life to Facilities -Where Do I Start? Hui-Ling Chan, Martin Reed
Gender Inclusive Housing: Beyond the Suite Life Allyson Beck
Getting the Most out of ACUHO-I and NWACUHO Richard DeShields, Brian Stroup, Vennie Gore
Great Customer Service – The “Swiss-Army Knife” of Student Retention Dave Warneking, Peggy Duncan
Housing Construction & Key Concepts for the Housing Professional Dan Larson, Kurt Haapala, AIA LEED AP
I PLEDGE LEADERSHIP: Your Commitment to Developing a Successful Complex/Hall Government Lauren Staubli, Desiree Woodruff
Intergroup Dialogue: Intentional Conversations on Race and Gender Nicole Hoyes Wilson, Nathan Panelo, Monica Nixon, Juanita Jasso
It’s Going to Cost What to Live Off Campus????? Lauren Pigott, Micheal Seraphin
Managing the Mosaic of Student Issues Matt Lamsma, Jill Yashinsky-Wortman
RA Learning Outcomes: A Year in the Making Philip Lundquist, Anjuli Martin
RA Training: Creatively evaluating the “Rite of Passage” Krista Wiseman, Allyson Beck
Rebranding the RA Selection Process: Why I RA Eric Dunker, Dawn Snyder, Tara Riker
Re-imagining Recruitment: Finding and Keeping the Best Pieces for Your Team Mosaic David Daniels Jr., Michelle Primley Benton
Round Table: Evidence Based Decision Making for New Professionals Daniel Easton, Derek Murakami
Self-Managing Your Professional Development Michelle Primley Benton, David Daniels Jr.
Strategic Planning for Residential Learning Communities Michael Griffel, Amy Akana
Surviving the Game: Battling Internet and Video Game Addictions Christopher Ralphs
The academic living room: a critical crossroads for residential success Dan Larson, Kurt Haapala, AIA LEED AP
The Benefits of Continued Involvement: Engaging Residence Life Alumni Felicia Lam, Darran Fernandez
The Queer Life Erin Honseler, Sasha Masoomi
The Weatherford Way: Lessons Learned from a Living Learning Partnership at Oregon State University Jill Childress, David Akana, Sandy Neubaum
The Wordle: a lens on community expectations. Jae Webb, Stephen Jenkins
Title: Engaging Student Leaders Outside the Resident Assistant Position: A Peer Mentorship Model Nicole Hoyes Wilson, Iesha Valencia
What Students Really Want from 1:1 Meetings Krystle Cobian
When your students aren’t sleeping alone: SFU Bedbug Case Study Jan Flagel, Chris Rogerson

2010 Annual Conference Presentations

Topic Presenters
Grassroots Efforts to Prevent Power-Based Personal Violence on College Campuses Andrea Easlick
Millenials Working Among Us Brian Stroup
Growing From A Core of Tradition Jennifer Betschart
The Core of a Painting Project Evan Hilchey
Stop! Collaborate and Listen: A Roundtable for New Professionals Curran Craig
Inclusive Leadership: A Skills Based Training ModeResources Clive Pursehouse
Cage Match: Or How To Deal With Difficult Student-Staff Andrew Rogers
Overhauling a Programming Model Julie Guindon
Practicing Healthy Self-Care: Getting to the CORE of our Personal and Professional Success David Daniels
Housing Sustainability Initiatives at The Evergreen State College Britt Q. Hoover
New Student Move-In: Achieving a Positive First Impression Elaine Ames
Internationalizing OSU Housing through a unique partnership. Rick Goranflo
Using Using Web-based programs to enhance student health and safety Gail Farmer
Meeting the needs of students with disabilities in the residence halls: guiding our practice with Universal Instructional Design Megan Hawley
Situational Leadership: Getting to the Core of Supervision Katie DeWilde
Process Tools for Realizing a True Live/Learn Center Dan Larson
Creating a Community, Building a Legacy Meg Autrey
Addressing RA Retention and Burnout: Hiring RA’s on the Calendar Year Andrew Michael Johnson
Planting the Seeds for Transitions Jill Yashinsky-Wortman
Why Are Guys So Different? Chuck Rhodes
Marketing You: A Skill Assessment Workshop for RAs and Student Leaders Melanie Mitchell
A Home Away from Home: The Commuter Student Hostel at Walter Gage Residence Rana Hakami
Creative *and* Educational Sanctions for Today’s Student Britt Q. Hoover
Curiosity, Exploration, and Investment: Developing a Social Justice Education Program that Works for Your Students Dawn Snyder
Co-advising: A Transformative Model for Leading Social Justice Allies Dayspring Schlachter
Good Neighbor Workshop Nicole Sakraida
Savvy Supervision: Achieving results through individualized feedback Sarah Gremer
Protecting Diversity in Housing: An Overview of the US Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disability Act Eric Luskin
Reaching Platinum by Focusing on the CORE Tina Fuchs
Introducing ACUHO-I’s Certificate in Housing Assessment Pam Schreiber
Bold Changes: A collaborative outcomes based approach to RA training Dawn Snyder
Building your RHA from the ground up. Melissa Turkington
Human Performance Technology??: Understanding how our transferable skills translate in the corporate business sector Anton Zanotto
Demographics and Design Dennis Erwood
We Moved Your Core? What Happens When Housing, Greek Life, and Construction Collide.Resources Micheal K Seraphin
Retention: Planting the Seed Richard DeShields

2009 Annual Conference Presentations

Topic Presenters
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2008 Annual Conference Presentations

Topic Presenters
Bridging Noise Conflicts Chuck McKinney
Alcohol Use In Residence Carlie Weins
BPD Info Sheet None listed
Bridging Classrooms Residence Halls Jessica Pense; Sandy Schoonover
Building a Housing Professional Richard DeSheilds
Environmentally Friendly Halls Darcy Canseco
All-Male Residential Environments Shane McKee
Evergreen Facilities
Present and Future Leaders Sasha B. Masoomi; David McCandless
Networking and Building Partnerships Jill Yashinsky; Clive Pursehouse
Leadership as a Job Requirement Shelly Clark; Emma Hale; Dennis Hall; Evan Hilchey
Building Staff Dynamics Hilary Mengel; Lynnea Common
Noise in Residence Halls Christopher Glenn; Sarah Gremer
After Hours Pros and Cons Cait O’Brien
Open Source Technology Josh Gana; Peggy Duncan; Kathryn Magura
Capital Planning and 


Dan Larson
Use Learning Outcomes for RA Training Woo Kim; Rana Hakami
Students In Transition Beth Dittman; Jacelyn Keys
Stay Positive – Res Life Secret Tracey Mason-Innes; Clint Galloway
First Year Tribulations Brandi Linberg-Lund; Lori Johnson; Dennis Hall
Writing For Publication Brian Stroup; Jill Yashinsky

2007 Annual Conference Presentations

Topic Presenter
Behind the Scenes-Fairmont Palliser Powerpoint Session Notes NA
Anatomy is not destiny: Accommodating transgendered persons Jaden Pan, Andrea Seabert-Olsen, Monique Vallot
Conducting an Appreciative Inquiry Study Michael Votava
Curricular Interventions for the First-Year Residential 

Student Handout

Christopher Washko
Emergency Management in Housing and Dining EOP Handout  

Case Study

Josh Ashcroft, Josh Gana
Empowerment Practices for New Professionals: Taking the bull by the Horns Natasha Lopeke
Getting More Money Out of Your Live-In Experience: A New Professionals Guide to Financial Freedom Micheal K. Seraphin
Got a Nag? Turn It Into a Thoroughbred! Sandi Bottemiller, Larry Atchison
Maintaining Dungeons and Castles Bonnie Damewood, David Rodgers
Managing a Norovirus Outbreak Dima Utgoff
Managing the workplace of many generations Ruth Stoddard
Managing Your Career–Advice for New Professionals Chris Jaehne, Vennie Gore
Outcomes Based Learning: Stampeding into the Future of Higher Education Brian R. Stroup
Raising a Barn – a service learning event Jeffrey Kerswill, Leann Acheson
Stampeding to Success Across the Globe Shelly Clark, Jill Yashinsky
Student or Sex Offender: WSU’s Experience Balancing the Issue Jesse Andrews
Taming the Wild, Wild Web with Online application processes Carrie Danielson, John Huddleston, Michael Charbonneau
The Millennial RD Matt Lamsma, Jill Yashinsky
There’s an Elephant in the Room . . . Handout Lauren Weiner, Rich Kane
Uncovering your hidden rules of economic class Timi c. Tullis
Utilizing the Summer Orientation Program for Student Recruitment and Relationship Building Kathryn Magura, Megan Full
Who moved my paradigm: Opening the gateway for innovative customer 

service Activity

Josh Gana, Josh Ashcroft

2006 New Professional Drive-In Conference Presentations

Topic Presenter
Professional Ethics and Ethical Leadership Handout Dr. Larry Roper
Networking in Student Affairs Dr. Jackie Balzer
Learning Reconsidered and the New Professional Tom Scheuermann, JD

2006 Annual Conference Presentations

Topic Presenter
Residential Assignments — Balancing Forces and Influences
A Journey Down Under Shelly Clark
Residential Life and Closed Circuit Television Josh Watilo
Elderhostel: Neither Old nor Hostel Carl Yeh
Shaping your Students and Staff into Ethical Leaders Jennifer Estroff, Seth Miller, Erin Spencer
facebook.com: How Cyber 

Communities are Affecting Our Campus Communities Handout

Meg Gregory, Joseph Evans
Fostering a Shared Programming Vision with Academic Faculty Partners Emily Boling, Cory Eklund, Brian Stroup
Residence Hall House Call Program Linda Ishiguro, Steve Bertram, Lisa Brittain
Leadership:  Don’t Break the Ice Style Handout Jill Yashinsky
Making Opportunities & Taking Opportunities:  Professional Development Through Full Participation Clive Pursehouse
Reaching the Next Generation:  RA Recruitment and Selection Programs at WSU Josh Gana, Matt Rygg
Unique Students:  Revisiting Our Journeys with Millennial Students…Research vs. Reality Emily Boling, Shelly Clark
Web-based Learning in a Residential College Brian Stroup
Writing Tips for Unique Spirits Terri Tower