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First Friday Webinars

The NWACUHO First Friday Webinar series is one of the most important functions of the association. With our disparate geography and small membership pool, the First Friday Webinars are, in some cases, the only Professional Development some of our members receive. First Friday Webinars are held at no cost for membership.

There are three categories for NWACUHO webinars:

The first category, and primary purpose of most webinars, is a Competency Building Webinar. It’s purpose is to enhance the personal or professional capability of our members in keeping with the ACUHO-I Core Competencies. Sessions that fit this description may teach our members about emergency response, occupancy management, student learning, etc.

The second category is to Information Sharing Webinars, and their purpose is to disseminate information about a unique or interesting program or research result to our members.  For example, if a person’s graduate degree research was particularly interesting to Housing professionals, the webinar would fit into this category. This is also true if an institution has a really great Student Staff training model they wish to share.

The third and final category of webinar is a NWACUHO Informational Webinar. This is a webinar that is intended to convey information about the association to the membership. This is common when we engage in significant projects, such as Master Planning, or when we are preparing for a major event like an Annual Conference.

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NWACUHO 2019 Best of the Northwest: Recruitment & ReTENSION
Friday, June 7, 2019, 10:00am-11:00am Pacific
Presented by Melinda Gilliam & Kirsten Aranas, University of Washington-Seattle

The push to recruit diverse candidate pools is something many of us are familiar with. We’ve gone through trainings, revamped recruiting materials, and invested in potentially increasing the strength of our programs by bringing in “diversity”. Don’t pat yourself on the back quite yet, because the responsibility doesn’t stop there. Welcome to reTENSION, an area that many institutions pay little attention to while it is equally important as the recruitment process itself. Join us as we share narratives from professional staff of Color and identify promising practices for successful retention.

Melinda Gilliam is in her first year of being a Resident Director at the University of Washington. While new to UW, Melinda grew up in Seattle and spent some time at Central Washington University before moving to Kansas State to complete her Master’s degree and returning to Washington. Recruitment and retention are passion areas to Melinda, and presenting on it is one way that she hopes to illuminate the importance of the topic in our field. Outside of work, Melinda enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and exploring new things with her two-year-old daughter, Kylah.

Kirsten Aranas is finishing her second year as a Resident Director at the University of Washington. Kirsten is local to the greater-Seattle area and completed her Masters in Student Development Administration at Seattle University. Facilitating and participating in dialogues that unpack the unique experiences of staff of color in student affairs is a personal and professional interest area for Kirsten. Outside of work, Kirsten enjoys spending time with family and friends, trying new restaurants in the Seattle area and being outside with her dog, Korra.

Upcoming First Friday Webinars

Our members give back to the association through sharing knowledge, processes, and experience through webinars. Members love to hear how other institutions run a process, address a problem, or create new initiatives, so share by submitting a webinar presentation!

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