Northwest Association of College & University Housing Officers

Local Arrangements Task Force

The Annual Conference is a major annual initiative which serves as a primary opportunity to advance the core purposes of NWACUHO.  The Board as an entity is accountable for all legal, financial, and programmatic aspects of the Annual Conference, and, individual board members are designated with responsibility for particular areas of operation.

A Local Arrangements Chair leads their appointed local arrangements team to provide critical local site coordination assistance in the delivery of the conference.  As the “eyes and ears” near the conference location, the local arrangements team adds local flavor and flair to the event, provides a volunteer workforce, and plays an active role in developing the conference program.

The Board is ultimately responsible for the conference; however, the relationship between the Local Arrangements Chair and the Board may vary from year to year depending on resources, level of interest, and site logistics.

Chair Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the liaison between the Board and the conference site.
  • Recruit and manage volunteer workforce (the committee)
  • Oversee committee members and ensure responsibilities are met

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Provide recommendations to the Board regarding conference giveaways, entertainment, and keynote speakers.
  • Facilitate pre-conference activities.
  • Coordinate volunteer solicitation and management.
  • Manage the conference attendee onsite check in process.
  • Procure conference supplies and staff the conference office.
  • Print conference materials.
  • Clear all financial commitments through the Treasurer.
  • Submit all contracts and agreements to the Treasurer and President.
  • Retain receipts for all approved conference-related purchases.
  • Provide staff representation as outlined in the “Meetings and Communications” section.
  • Other responsibilities as agreed upon with the Board.


Within the delegated areas of responsibility, the Sponsoring Institution will be given a budget and it is within the discretion of the Sponsoring Institution to spend within that amount.   Should an anticipated expense surpass the budgeted amount, the Sponsoring Institution shall seek approval from the Treasurer prior to making the purchase.  All contractual commitments, including with the hotel or site, must be approved by the Treasurer and/or President.

The preferred method of purchasing goods and services for the conference is via invoice and check payment by the Treasurer, or, use of an Association debit card held by the Treasurer or President.  A secondary option is making purchases with institution or personal funds and seeking reimbursement.  In all cases, adequate backup documentation in the form of itemized receipts or invoices shall be provided to the Treasurer.

Local Arrangements Chair
2020 Annual Conference: Bellevue, Washington
Melinda Gilliam, Chair
University of Washington Seattle

Get Involved:

To apply for the Local Arrangements Committee Chair for 2021 in Calgary, Alberta, please contact pres-elect@nwacuho.org