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New Professional Award

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Created in November 2015, the NWACUHO New Professional Award is designed to acknowledge the accomplishments of new professionals in the NWACUHO region working within their first three years of full-time employment. The winners of the NWACUHO New Professional Award will be recognized during the NWACUHO annual conference each year with a certificate, on our webpage, and in our post-conference newsletter.

Nominate an individual today here!  Nominations are due Monday, December 2, 2019 at 11:59PM Pacific.

Number of awards:

The Board of Directors or designee will award up to five winners each year from nominations received during a timeline approved by the Board of Directors. One award winner will be selected from each state and provinces in the region: Alaska/Yukon, Alberta, British Columbia, Oregon, and Washington.

While up to five awards are available each year, the final number awarded will be determined by the Board of Directors or designee based on the nominations received for the award.

Through our Affiliation Agreement with ACUHO-I, recipients of this award are eligible to apply for a single $1500 USD scholarship to attend ACUHO-I’s annual conference each summer. The final recipient of this award will also be offered an opportunity to present a program session at ACUHO-I.


  • Nominee must be within their first three years of fulltime employment;
  • Nominee must be employed by a member institution or hold an individual NWACUHO membership.

Nomination and Criteria used for selection:

A nomination will consist of a letter submitted by someone other than the person being nominated. Selection will be based on how the following questions/areas are addressed in the nomination letter. Recognizing that new professionals are still building their skills and experience, the nomination letter should minimally cover two of the areas below, it does not need to cover all of them.

  • In what ways has the nominee gone above expectations for their position?
  • Describe a challenging situation the nominee had to address and how their response was exceptional.
  • In what ways has the nominee been engaged in their campus community outside the housing department?
  • In what ways has the nominee been engaged in the profession outside of their institution?
  • Describe any exceptional accomplishment or noteworthy achievement not covered elsewhere.
  • In what other ways has this candidate transitioned into their professional role successfully?

To nominate someone for the NWACUHO New Professional Award, visit our nomination page.

For more information on this award, contact the Past-President at past-pres@nwacuho.org.

2019 Award Recipients:

New Professional, Canada: Katherine (Katie) MacGregor, University of British Columbia
New Professional, United States: Michael Zangl, Gonzaga University

2018 Award Recipients:

New Professional, Alaska/Yukon: Julia Vizcaino, University of Alaska Anchorage
New Professional, Alberta: Ian Schultz, University of Alberta
New Professional, British Columbia: Kate Johnstone, Simon Fraser University
New Professional, Oregon: Sarah Matchett, Oregon Institute of Technology
New Professional, Washington: Andrew Beck, Washington State University

2017 Award Recipients:

New Professional, Alaska/Yukon: Alicia O’Grady, University of Alaska Anchorage
New Professional, Alberta: Bob Lambert, Mount Royal University
New Professional, British Columbia: Samantha Larsen, University of British Columbia, Okanagan
New Professional, Oregon: Rebecca Schaffeld, Oregon State University
New Professional, Washington: Quint Geis, Gonzaga University

2016 Award Recipients:

New Professional, Alaska/Yukon: Ryan Hill, University of Alaska, Anchorage
New Professional, Alberta: Auburn Phillips, University of Lethbridge
New Professional, British Columbia: Lydia Braam, University of Victoria
New Professional, Oregon: Blair Osburn, Western Oregon University
New Professional, Washington: John Magnusson, Central Washington University