Northwest Association of College & University Housing Officers

Diversity and Inclusion Award


This award recognizes a member(s) of NWACUHO for exceptional and exemplary work in advancing the values of diversity, inclusion and equity across the housing experience during the past year (conference to conference). This award is intended to recognize the work of professionals and initiatives that enhance diversity and social justice awareness on their home institutions.

Nominate an individual today here!  Nominations are due Monday, December 2, 2019 at 11:59PM Pacific.


NWACUHO individual or institutional member. This award will be given to a person or team who has contributed best practices around diversity, equity, and inclusion at their home institution. Nominations must include a letter of support from the nominator.


To nominate someone for the NWACUHO Diversity and Inclusion Award, visit our awards page.  A nomination will consist of a letter submitted by someone other than the person being nominated. Selection will be based on how the following questions/areas are addressed in the nomination letter. The nomination letter should minimally cover three of the areas below, it does not need to cover all of them.

    • In what ways has the nominee or program developed inclusive environments within the scope of their position?
    • Describe a time when the nominee or program promoted an environment free from bias and discrimination.
    • In what ways has the nominee or program integrated social justice education within their work?
    • Describe a time where the nominee or program advocated for a more socially conscious housing community.
    • Talk about a time where the nominee or program addressed the privilege they held
    • Describe any exceptional accomplishment or noteworthy achievement not covered elsewhere.


2019: Analee Scott, Gonzaga University
2018: Julia Esser, University of Washington, Seattle
2017: Janie Sacco, St. Martin’s University