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Membership Engagement Committee

NWACUHO, like other organizations, can only exist and flourish if the membership is engaged.  This is an organization of members for members.  As the name suggests, the Membership Engagement Committee provides opportunity for members to give back to the association and provide input to the Board on ways to improve our members’ experience.  For more […]

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ACUHO-I Foundation

ACUHO-I Foundation Information The ACUHO-I Foundation Trustees, working in concert with the ACUHO-I Executive Board, has aligned its structure and operations to actively engage the ACUHO-I membership in fundraising efforts. Critical to this effort is the work of the Regional Cabinet. Regional representatives engage in active fundraising throughout the year, and serve as liaisons between […]

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Greetings from the PACURH Board of Directors

Authors: PACURH Board of Directors Hey NWACUHO, My name is Aubrieann Hale (She/Her/Hers) and I am the PACURH Regional Director for the 2018 – 2019 academic year. The PACURH RBD and I are excited to introduce ourselves to y’all! I am currently a senior studying sociology/social services along with law and justice at Central Washington […]

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Here’s to the Managers Who…Sincerely, your New Professional

Author: Kristin Davick Here’s to the Managers who answer our questions even when you have 180 unread emails you have 3 minutes a day to answer. Here’s to the Managers who proof read job applications, write reference letters, send along job postings, and offer words of encouragement in terrifying times of transition. Here’s to the Managers […]

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Authentic Social Justice, Part Three

Author: Sam Bass The first two entries of my honest social justice series have focused on coming to terms with the “ugliness” of social justice, such as recognizing our biases, the ways we fail both personally and as an entire profession, and the painful emotions that come with social justice work. These are crucial topics […]

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Authentic Social Justice, Part Two

Author: Sam Bass Emotions are increasingly derided as detrimental to social justice work, but I think this does a disservice to all of us. It is true that “white tears” or “male tears” derail conversations and recenter the privileged, and we should continue to challenge those “tears” when they happen. My discussion of emotions is […]

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Authentic Social Justice, Part One

Author: Sam Bass When I was first working on a series to contribute to Soundings it was about the intersection of pop culture and social justice. I had a lot of thoughts about the topic, but as I wrote them down I thought, “Other people could say this better than I can. I’m not an […]

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Professional Development Highlights

Author: Katie Bartel Paraprofessional roles offer the space to make mistakes and learn to take on professional responsibilities in a forgiving environment. Throughout my two years in the paraprofessional role of Residence Coordinator at the University of British Columbia, I’ve engaged with many books, presentations, and professional development initiatives that have shaped my leadership and […]

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Conference Reflections from Scholarship Winner Jade DiTullio Jiang

I was able to attend the NWACUHO conference with the Graduate Student Scholarship award. I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to be amongst brilliant minds and share knowledge with professionals in my future profession. There were many opportunities to connect with others over breakout sessions, shared meals, and socials. It was fascinating […]

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Theory Review Part III: Schlossberg’s Transition Theory

By Olivia Stankey Students go through transitions and development constantly and consistently throughout their lived experience, as well as during their college years.  I’m sure you can think of at least one student you have worked with that was going through a transition in their lives.  Nancy Schlossberg studied transitions in individuals and designed a […]

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