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It’s O.K., It’s Alaska!

By L. Byrd I committed several weeks ago to a member of the Board, that I would submit an article for the blog. Naturally, those weeks flew past as I considered some topics: Education in a Changing Political Climate (I am not emotionally prepared for that at this time); How to “Unplug” and Still Meet […]

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Trauma Informed Care in Everyday Supervision

By Julia Vizcaino Resident Advisors are our first line of defense in almost every residential situation. During rounds RAs regularly encounter dangerous drinking behaviors, mental health concerns, suicidal ideation, sexual assaults, and a smorgasbord of other concerns. As a field, we emphasize the procedural response we want our students to follow in these scenarios, giving […]

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Drops of Change on Burning Fires

By Simone C. Staley I was deeply impacted by the thick smoke that filled the air of our Northwest Region this summer. The British Columbia, Oregon and Eastern Washington fires turned our skies dark, clouded our sight, obscured our view of the mountains and turned the sun a haunting red. As the Northwest we collectively […]

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Weathering Change

By Kate Gannon-Cullinan I began thinking “I need to write a blog post, but have no content for our membership to enjoy.” In searching for a topic, I kept coming back to the idea of change and how I’ve coped and developed my career through it. For some of us, we’re in our 5th week […]

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Master Plan Decision Making

By Mike Porritt, Ed.D. “I think we need a Master Plan – Now what? “:  Suggestions from a Consultant’s Perspective who has Been in Your Shoes Deciding whether or not to pursue a master plan is among the most significant and impactful decisions a housing operation can make.  If done well, this will lead your […]

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The Impact of ACUHO-I

By Auburn Phillips As a new professional in the field of Housing and Residence Life, the prospect of attending the 2017 ACUHO-I Annual Conference and Exposition out East was both exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. After all, the last time I attended a conference of this scale, I was a grad student at a United […]

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Diversity & Inclusion Committee Photovoice Project

By Ashlee Norris Every student has a story to tell about their college experience.  At times we focus our assessment efforts on surveys, and less on the student’s narrative. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee would like to share a unique assessment tool that encourages participants to document their experiences, while telling their story of how […]

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The Excitement of Conferences

By Ian Schultz [introduction by Kate Gannon-Cullinan] As the ACUHO-I Annual Conference & Exposition is just around the corner, we wanted to take an opportunity to remind folks the power of the conference experience. Whether you are attending for the first time, or a seasoned professional known by name as you enter the exhibitor hall, […]

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Generation Z Goes to College

By Matt Lamsma  For the past decade, higher education in the United States has crafted policies, practices, and programs to meet the needs of students from the much-studied Millennial generation.  However, a new generation has enrolled in college and campus leadership must begin to adapt to a different set of student learning styles, expectations, and […]

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Supporting Our People: supportive space for trans people and allies

By Noah Hurley and janelle wilson In places of higher education, we often host trainings and workshops to help interested potential allies understand the depth and breadth of gender assignment, gender identities, and gender expressions. These trainings usually happen on a regular basis to try and create a greater understanding and awareness. It is more […]

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