Northwest Association of College & University Housing Officers

History and Background


The Northwest Association of College and University Housing Officers (NWACUHO) includes schools in the Northwestern United States and Western Canada. Its origins date back to 1961, when groups of housing directors and other professionals met on an annual basis to compare best practices and discuss common issues. In the late 1970’s, citing a desire to involve new professionals and provide opportunities for development, NWACUHO became a formal organization, with Roger Frichette of Oregon State University being elected its first president. The first constitution was ratified in 1978.

Over the years, NWACUHO has strived to be on the forefront of professional development opportunities for both new and seasoned housing professionals. Past examples of this include the Northwest Training Institute (NWTI), the Residence Life Leadership Conference, and numerous drive-in conferences for new, mid-level, and senior housing professionals. NWACUHO has also taken pride at being a longstanding champion of diversity and multiculturalism, with initiatives dating back almost 20 years.

In 2008, NWACUHO filed for nonprofit status in Oregon, formalizing its organizational structure and providing a sound and legal framework for operations. In 2011, NWACUHO received tax-exempt status, allowing the organization to provide even more resources to help serve its members. On October 27, 2011, NWACUHO received a determination from the United State Internal Revenue Service granting income tax exempt status as a 501(c) 6 association retroactive to the date of incorporation.

The 2012 conference was recognized as the 50th Annual Conference.


 Year Conference Location President AT conference and their institution at the time
1978 Ellensburg, WA Roger Frichette, Oregon State University
1979 Tacoma, WA Roger Frichette, Oregon State University
1980 Klamath Falls, OR Phil Campbell, Southern Oregon University
1981 Corvallis, OR ?
1982 ? Shirley Baker, University of Victoria
1983 Ashland, OR Floyd Bunt, Whitman College
1984 Vancouver, BC Don “Moon” Lee, University of Oregon
1985 ? David Stephen, University of Washington
1986 ? Judy Sharpe, Seattle University
1987 Victoria, BC Keith Guy, Western Washington University
1988 ? Lauralee Hagen, Pacific Lutheran University
1989 ? Chuck Cleveland, Whitman College
1990 Portland, OR Geoff Ward, Simon Fraser University
1991 Ellensburg, WA Mike Segawa, University of Washington
1992 Ashland, OR Kay Rich, Western Washington University
1993 Spokane, WA Stan Perka, University of Alberta
1994 Banff, AB Jerry Marczynski, Washington State University
1995 Newport, OR Tina Fuchs, Western Oregon University
1996 Seattle, WA Mike Mercer, College Housing Northwest
1997 Oregon Coast Peter Rosenberg, Western Washington University
1998 Anchorage, AK Cindy Spears, University of Alaska Anchorage
1999 Bend, OR Kelly Boyer, University of Washington
2000 Blaine, WA Jerry Kruse, Washington State University
2001 Edmonton, AB Jason Hunter, University of Alberta
2002 Eugene, OR Shane A. Daetwiler, University of Puget Sound
2003 Seattle, WA Linda (LA) Amburgy, Western Washington University
2004 Vancouver, BC Vennie Gore, University of Washington
2005 Corvallis, OR Sandy Schoonover; University of Oregon – Annual Report
2006 Spokane, WA Dave Dettman, Western Washington University – Annual Report
2007 Calgary, AB Timi Tullis, Alaska’s Regional Boarding Schools – Annual Report
2008 Vancouver, WA Dan Larson, Oregon State University
2009 Anchorage, AK Matt Lamsma, Gonzaga University – Annual Report
2010 Yakima, WA Richard DeShields, Central Washington University
2011 Vancouver, BC Josh Gana, University of Washington
2012 Ashland, OR Steve Fitterer, Mt. Royal University
2013 Tacoma, WA Elaine Ames, Central Washington University
2014 Edmonton, AB Kelly Ammendolia, University of Puget Sound
2015 Salem, OR Erik Elordi, Southern Oregon University
2016 Anchorage, AK Kathryn Magura, Oregon State University
2017 Spokane, WA Craig Whitton, University of Alberta
2018 Victoria, BC Brian Kerrick, University of Washington
2019 Portland, OR Shelly Clark, Western Oregon University

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