Northwest Association of College & University Housing Officers

Treasurer Position Description

NWACUHO TREASURER Position Description

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Keep account of all transactions affecting the Association’s checking account on an on-going basis.
    • Issue checks as requested on approval by the President or standing policy
    • Receive funds and deposit them on behalf of the Association
    • Receive monthly bank statements. Reconcile and balance ledgers against checks
  • Bring checkbook to all Quarterly Board Meetings and to the Annual Conference for payment of services as required/directed.
  • Prepare Quarterly Financial Reports for the Association Board meetings and Newsletter.
  • Prepare an Annual Report for the Annual Business Meeting, held at the Annual Conference. Submit Annual Report to Newsletter.
  • Serve as the Executive Board member responsible for providing input, developing and updating the long-range financial plan as appropriate. Monitor Association revenues and render recommendations to the Executive Board in relation to appropriations and investment of Association assets.
  • Develop and present an Annual Budget Forecast for the upcoming year at the Annual Business Meeting. (Budget Forecast is typically prepared and presented to the Executive Board at the Fall Meetings for approval and revision prior to presentation at the Annual Business Meeting.)
  • Prepare and send Annual Dues Invoices to all member schools in October of each year, due by December of the same year. Monitor and follow-up (2nd mailing) with schools as reminder.
  • In conjunction with Secretary, solicit new institution membership and confer with past-member schools to assess their needs and bring them back into membership.
  • Conduct an annual audit of the Association’s accounts with President.
  • Issue “seed money” loans, as approved by the Board, to those conferences, initiatives, and endeavors as approved by the Executive Board. (Examples include the Annual Conference, NWTI, NWRLLC, WPE, and drive-in or day workshops). All such loans must be accompanied by documentation that sets forth the terms and conditions of the loan (refer to Treasurer Manual for example).
  • Update procedures and forms related to treasurer functions; update the Treasurer Manual on an on-going, as needed basis.
  • Prepare any tax-related documents as necessary.
  • Have fun!!!!!