Northwest Association of College & University Housing Officers

Communications Director Position Description


The Communications Director is primarily responsible for maintaining the official records of the Association, including meeting minutes, membership listings, directories, and other information. Another function of their role is to oversee the production elements for the NWACUHO Soundings Blog, as well as the New Member Handbook.


The following duties are not all encompassing, but are encouraged:

  • Act as a liaison between the Executive Board and ACUHO-I publications.
  • Compile all written reports from state/provincial representatives, executive officers, and etc. for the Soundings Blog. Soundings should contain information regarding: New Professionals, Housing/Residential Life Initiatives, Facilities, Etc.
  • Assist with secondary publications if necessary. (Ex: New Professionals Handbook)
  • Serve as the Contributing Editor to ACUHO-I Talking Stick newsletter for the Northwest Region.
  • Attend regularly scheduled Executive Board Meetings. (3 a year)
  • Attend the NWACUHO Annual Regional Conference.
  • Solicit new members form your state/province.
  • Solicit articles or other pertinent information for Soundings.
  • Work closely with the Corporate Relations Director to solicit and retain advertisers for Soundings.


The Communications Director can be a complex and difficult position. The keys to being a successful Communications Director are as follows:

  • Act early! Request all information for reports and conference information quickly and well before the deadline. It will take some time to receive response back.
  • Try different forms of communication! In the age of electronic mail some constituents may not receive the information that you send out. Try a phone call or even “snail mail” as a back-up!
  • Know your team and their style! You will receive information in different formats and styles. Make your requirements for publications clear and repeat them often!