Northwest Association of College & University Housing Officers

Board of Directors

NWACUHO Board of Directors

NWACUHO is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who directs the operations of the Association and maintain a fiduciary duty to the well-being of the organization.  The current board consists of 12 members:  7 officers and 5 state and provincial representatives.  The Board meets in person 3-times a year and via conference call monthly to manage the business of NWACUHO.

To view the current Board members, check out the Board of Directors Roster.

Position Descriptions

President (1-year term, 3-year commitment, elected)

The President presides over all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee. The President presents a report outlining the state of the Association at the annual business meeting of the Association, and represents the Association at the ACUHO-I regional Presidents meeting. Lastly, the President fulfills all duties necessary to insure that the Association meets the expectations presented in its constitution.

President-Elect (1-year term, 3-year commitment, elected)

The President-Elect is a one year term position on a three year track towards providing primary leadership for the association. As President-Elect, the incumbent is primarily responsible for the conference program and working with the host committee on the development of the year’s conference. The President-Elect transitions to become the Association President in his/her second year of service with the Executive Board, and then Past-President in his/her third year. The position is elected by the association’s membership.

Past President (1-year term, 3-year commitment, elected)

The Past-President coordinates the annual election process for executive board officers. The Past-President facilitates the case study competition conducted at the annual conference and also assists the President and President-Elect in the overall leadership of the organization.

Treasurer (3-year term, elected)

The Treasurer is primarily responsible for providing fiscal guidance and advice to the organization and managing all on-going NWACUHO financial transactions and associated record keeping functions. The treasurer prepares various reports on an on-going or as-needed basis including Quarterly and Annual Financial Reports and the Annual Proposed Operating Budget as well as coordinating membership dues. The position is for a 3-year term, and is elected by the association’s membership. For more see Treasurer Position Description

Communications Director (3-year term, elected)

The Communications Director is primarily responsible for maintaining the official records of the Association, including meeting minutes, membership listings, directories, and other information. Another function of their role is to oversee the production elements for the NWACUHO Soundings Blog, as well as the New Member Handbook. For more see Communications Director Position Description.

Technology Director (3-year term, elected)

The Technology Director oversees the online-components of NWACUHO and is responsible for providing continuous design and informational updates and additions to the NWACUHO website; creating a website that is informative and comprehensive, navigationally easy and intuitive to use; managing the NWACUHO website; and implementing NWACUHO’s plan for internet service to the association. For more see Technology Director Position Description

Corporate Relations Director (2-year term, elected)

The Corporate Relations Director is primarily responsible for working with and acting as liaison for the numerous exhibitors and sponsors of the Association.  The position is for a 2-year term, elected by the association’s membership. For more see Corporate Relations Director Position Description.

State & Provincial Representatives (2-year term, elected)

The State & Provincial Representatives act as a liaison to members in their respective state or province, and work to represent the concerns and voice of the association’s membership. Representatives also work closely with the President-Elect on the annual conference program.

ACUHO-I Foundation Representative (2 year term, appointed)

The ACUHO-I Foundation Representative to NWACUHO serves as the liaison between the ACUHO-I Foundation and NWACUHO. The NWACUHO Board of Directors will make a candidate recommendation to the ACUHO-I Foundation and the Foundation will make the appointment.  Candidates will be notified of the decision by December 15. The successful candidate will begin their term on January 1. The ACUHO-I Foundation Representative will serve a 2-year term with NWACUHO.  Among their duties, The Foundation Rep will participate in NWACUHO Board of Directors’ conference calls quarterly and coordinates outreach and fundraising at the annual NWACUHO conference.