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NWACUHO Statement Regarding 2021 Conference


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NWACUHO Statement Regarding 2021 Conference

NWACUHO Colleagues,

I hope you’re all doing well. The last time I wrote to you was just before the NWACUHO Board of Directors met for our Annual May Board Meeting. Like many meetings happening for us right now, we met virtually. Although a full day virtual meeting isn’t always the easiest of tasks, we were in no shortage of items to discuss! A few of which I wanted to share with you in this blog post.

The primary discussion topic facing us was the 2021 Annual Conference in Calgary. This may not come as a surprise to you but we made the difficult decision to reschedule our conference. After much personal reflection, discussions with the presidential trio, past presidents and of course the Board of Directors, I am confident this is the best decision for us as an Association. With so many budget restraints facing our member institutions, travel to Calgary and ultimately the success of an in person conference would be in jeopardy. I have been working closely with Helms Briscoe, our site procurement partner and the Hyatt Regency, and we have been fortunate to reschedule a Calgary conference to February 2022 without any financial penalty.

With this decision made and finalized, we know there are many more decisions to make and opportunities to consider. The idea of not providing an opportunity in February 2021, however is not an option! We are committed to providing a gathering and opportunity for us to come together as a region. We all know that the collaborative sharing of ideas, best practices and future trends are so important for our industry, students, and professional development. So as we continue to brainstorm and get creative with how February will look, know that we are committed to keeping this opportunity affordable without reducing value.

Another consideration we voted on during our Board meeting was the shifting of membership dues. As you are aware, these dues are paid in February before the Annual Conference. We proposed to all SHOs that we shift this schedule to align with our fiscal year. This vote passed which means that your 2020 membership will extend 6 months until June 30th and your 2021 membership fee would be due July 1, 2021. We hope this positive structural change for our dues also allows you to all stay connected!

Finally, as we continue to work hard as a Board of Directors and conceptualize how NWACUHO can serve all of you during this time, we invite you to share your own ideas! I will be hosting, along with other members of the Board of directors a virtual hangout and brainstorming session on June 30th at 2:00pm (AK), 3:00pm (PST), & 4:00pm (MST). This space is being provided for us to share with you some of our ideas, plans for the future, but most importantly, as an opportunity for you to give us your thoughts! We want to maximize engagement and access and we value your insight as we work to do so!

We hope you can make it and in the meantime, I wish you all of the best.


Bob Lambert

NWACUHO President


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