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NWACUHO Holiday Gift Exchange

By NWACUHO’s Membership Engagement Committee

NWACUHO Gift Exchange

Once again, we find ourselves at the conclusion of another year.  A time that some of us associate with warm feelings, various holidays, gratitude and being in community with one another.  It’s a perfect time to reflect on ourselves and our relationships with those we love and appreciate.  As we transition to 2020, I invite everyone to take a moment out of your day and embrace what many call the “reason for the season” and find ways to show your gratitude for the ones you appreciate and those you love the most. 

We know that gratitude has a significant positive impact on both those who provide it and those who receive it.  We know that it improves communication in personal relationships, it helps employees feel more motivated at work and we know that gratitude can improve the overall happiness of those who receive it.  So this season seems like the perfect time to embrace gratitude and find ways to incorporate it into our day to day, both personally and at work.  I ask you, have you told someone today that you were thankful for their efforts?

There are many ways we can express gratitude.  As you read this, I hope you focus on your overall life and not just the workplace (although the workplace is very much part of our day to day).  Consider using the following strategies to demonstrate more gratitude, during this season and throughout the year.

  • Thank someone for their efforts – A simple thank you for someone doing something can go a long way at helping them feel like they matter.  Sometimes a more in-depth method of thanking someone could be in order, such as a thank you note.  These are a great way to help your gratitude last longer than the moment as people can keep and re-read them at their leisure.
  • Recognize someone publicly – Our communities are full of opportunities to nominate individuals for awards and other recognition.  Take a minute to notice what opportunities exist for you and think about who might be deserving of that award.  Take the time to write that nomination and even if they don’t win, share the submission with them so they can see what they meant to you and why you nominated them.
  • Provide gifts or tokens of appreciation – Gift giving is another tradition that is common for showing gratitude and many times these items are saved for years as a reminder of that memory.  Gifts can be small items that show that one is thinking about another person or demonstrate the appreciation one has for another person.

In the spirit of recognition and gratitude, NWACUHO wants to provide an opportunity for the membership to engage with and show gratitude for each other.  We only have the opportunity to come together once a year, so we wanted to provide this opportunity to engage outside of the annual conference.

This year, NWACUHO will be hosting a gift exchange.  Each person who signs up for the gift exchange will be responsible for purchasing and sending a gift to another person in the association.  This gift (including the shipping cost) shouldn’t be anything over $15 USD/$20 CAD.  It’s meant to be a small token of appreciation and an opportunity to demonstrate gratitude for the relationships we build through NWACUHO.  If you’re interested in participating, please fill out the sign up form no later than Thursday, December 12th. All gifts will need to be purchased and delivered by December 31st.  If you’d like more information, please visit the sign up and all the expectations and logistics will be listed there.

So take time to recognize and thank those around you.  Our time with each other is often short and the moments that we have will be memories in a heartbeat.  I wish you a wonderful end of the year and that your season is filled with kindness, love and joy.

If you’re interested in participating, please fill out the sign up form here!

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