Northwest Association of College & University Housing Officers

Presidential Reflections: Past, Present, and Future Part Two

By Janie Sacco

This is the second part in a three part series brought to you by NWACUHO’s Presidential Trio which consists of our Past-President, current President, and President-Elect. Janie Sacco, our 2019-2020 President, shares her reflections in this next segment. 

An audio recording (video) of the below content is also available. 


My name is Janie Sacco and I am serving the region as President for the 2019-2020 year. In addition to my service to the NWACUHO region, I currently work at Saint Martin’s University as the Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life as well an adjunct faculty member in the Gender and Identity Studies department. NWACUHO has been my professional home since 2013 when I returned to the region and began work as a Residence Director. I have been a member of the board of directors since February 2016 when I began my service as a Washington State Representative before becoming a member of the presidential trio. Along with our Past-President, Shelly Clark, and President-Elect, Bob Lambert, I am pleased to share my reflection and hopes for the upcoming year. During my presidency, I will be focusing on the idea of stewardship and how we can create an organization which is beneficial to current and future members. 

This year, we are embarking on the fourth year of our Master plan. We will be looking at our sustainability as an organization, how we can best engage our members, and how we can meet the evolving needs of housing professionals and students. The board of directors work on the master plan over the next two years will set the stage for the 2022-2027 master plan. As we engage in this work, we will continue to put our members first. Our members are core of our organization and it is my hope that our work continues to benefit you and your professional development journey. 

In addition to working on our master planning efforts, this year I am excited to invite you to participate in the 2020 initiative. The 2020 initiative is a way for us to focus on how we, as members, can give back to the association and create a strong foundation for future members. With that said I encourage each of us to consider how we can invest, with our dollars or time, in the region. You can find out more about opportunities to contribute to the 2020 Initiative at http://nwacuho.org/about-nwacuho/nwacuhos-2020-initiative/.

Finally, I encourage each of you to think about how you can become involved or continue your involvement with NWACUHO this year. My involvement in the region started in committee service. Our committee co-chairs and committee members do amazing work and committees are a great way to practice stewardship. Whether it is joining a monthly roundtable with our Communications Committee, participating in our Slack Group with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, participating in our upcoming Mentorship Program with our Member Engagement Committee, or attending a First Friday Webinar hosted by our Professional Development Committee, there many ways in which we can serve the region throughout the year. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you all and wishing you all a successful year. I look forward to seeing you in Bellevue, Washington in February 2020 for our annual conference. 


Janie Sacco II, Ed. D.

NWACUHO, President

Janie Sacco

Dr. Janie Sacco is currently the Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life and an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Gender and Identity Studies department at Saint Martin’s University. She is the President for NWACUHO through the 2020 Conference



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