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Be A Part Of NWACUHO’s Mentorship Program!

by Karen Schlieder

In February 2019, I signed up to be a part of the NWACUHO Membership Engagement committee. One of the primary focuses of this committee is to provide additional resources and opportunities for professionals to get involved, learn, and expand your residential experience. One of our main goals was being able to bring the mentorship program new life in the coming year. Our committee have been focusing our efforts these last couple months on revitalizing the NWACUHO Mentorship program. 

The NWACUHO Mentorship program will be able to provide one on one interactions for new professionals with mid/senior level professional all over the region. It will give our new professionals a space to talk through current issues and trends, identities, and form long term professional development goals. This program will give our mid-level/senior housing officers the opportunity to engage with others in our region and share their experience, feedback, and build skills to our new professional’s. Overall, our goal is to formulate new relationships and network for individuals to grow and expand our mission to connect professionals and provide an enriching experience in residential environments. 

Russell Jones, talks more about how mentorship has impacted his life and career:

My career has been largely influenced by the mentors that I have had over the years. Whether it was as a student in my undergrad or more recently in my career, mentors have challenged me when my viewpoint may have been limited or my confidence wavered and they have shared in my successes, supported me through transition, and served as a sounding board when faced with difficult decisions. I’m a big proponent of life being a communal effort so finding support systems, and in turn reciprocating that support, has become a cornerstone to my experience in Housing & Residence Life. I would encourage anyone looking for opportunities to get more connected in the region to engage with our community through the NWACUHO mentorship program. 

For those that sign up by August will then get paired up in September and will be provided monthly topics of discussion with your partners every month until May and then have the opportunity to continue on or gain a mentor as well! For those interested in being a Mentor or Mentee please go on to our committee site and sign up or see below and share your experience!!

Be A Part of NWACUHO's Mentorship Program. The NWACUHO Mentorship program will be able to provide one on one interactions for new professionals with mid/senior level professionals all over the region!

Be A Part of NWACUHO’s Mentorship Program. The NWACUHO Mentorship program will be able to provide one on one interactions for new professionals with mid/senior level professionals all over the region!

Presented by the Membership Engagement Committee (MEC), the Mentorship Program is a 12 month opportunity for entry/mid-level professionals to aid their development in the field.  MEC will provide you with the structure and support to ensure your pairing is successful. Mentors/mentees will be matched by the MEC on a rolling basis.

ANYONE CAN SIGN UP to be a mentor or mentee.  An unwritten rule in the Student Affairs world has always been that you pay that “mentoring” forward, to grow our profession and propel it forward.

IT’S EASY TO CONNECT with your mentee/mentor.  You can e-mail, chat on the phone or Google Hangouts, follow each other on social media, and can also expect to have designated time to meet at our annual conference – hopefully you’re attending!  The MEC will also provide you with topics you may wish to talk about throughout the year, but feel free to let your own interests guide your discussion.

THE BENEFITS ARE ENDLESS when joining the mentorship program.  You’ll build lasting connections, learn different perspectives and have an additional support person in the region.

To sign up to be a mentor, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/8Qa1gmsvtJ5ZfJSc8

To sign up to receive a mentor, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/jh8NJZE52C9aWBuG9

We will then pair you up based on your answers!

Questions?  Contact the Membership Engagement Committee Chairs: Scott Etherton and Joshua Scroggins: engage@nwacuho.org

Blog written by Karen Schlieder, Area Director of Apartments & Operations from Western Oregon University. Karen received a scholarship from NWACUHO to attend the 2019 National Housing Training Institute (NHTI). To learn more about other scholarship opportunities, apply here!

The Membership Engagement Committee members that are helping to facilitate the Mentorship Program are: Isai Vela, Karen Schlieder, Russell Jones, and Scott Etherton. 

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