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Here’s to the Managers Who…Sincerely, your New Professional

Author: Kristin Davick

Here’s to the Managers who answer our questions even when you have 180 unread emails you have 3 minutes a day to answer.

Here’s to the Managers who proof read job applications, write reference letters, send along job postings, and offer words of encouragement in terrifying times of transition.

Here’s to the Managers who are just as tired as we are, but someone motivate us to move forward, take care of ourselves, and lead with our hearts.

Here’s to the Managers who inspire us to challenge the process. It can be scary to question well-established programs and policies, but you make it safe to do so.

Here’s to the Managers who ask us what we think, and believe that we have an important voice at the table. Your new professional might not believe in themselves the way that you believe in them.

Here’s to the Managers who let us cry in their office. Often. (Maybe that’s just me?).

Here’s to the Managers who pull us softly away from crisis mode, and help us see the bigger picture.

Here’s to the Managers who show us what it means to beautifully dance the line of boss, friend, confidant, and professional.

Here’s to the Managers who have never lost sight of putting students first – at every level, and in every decision. You show us that we are all a team with the same vision.

Here’s to the recently hired Manager that is doing the best job they can to learn how to support their New Professional. We see you trying, and we appreciate you immensely.

And lastly, here’s to the Managers who gave us our first shot, wrote us thank you letters, told us that they were proud, gave us ground under our feet to walk forward on, and made our first bumpy steps into the professional world a safe and meaningful journey.

Here’s to you.


Your New Professional

Kristin is a Residence Life Coordinator at Mount Royal University.  

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