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Residence Director at Whitman College

Resident Director Position Opening


Resident Directors share with other members of the Student Affairs Staff the general responsibility of supporting the educational aims of the College and serving as an educator and role model, while assisting students in their efforts to make full use of the opportunities available to them at the College. Residence Life and Housing expects the Resident Director to know student development theory and to use it as a framework for programming and staff supervision.  The Resident Director is specifically responsible for all aspects of the administration of the residence facility to which they are assigned.


Supervise, train, and help select student staff. Develop common goals that encourage residents to respect others’ privacy and maintain a safe and secure community atmosphere. Inform residents of College functions, resources, and beneficial off-campus agencies. Attend Resident Director meetings and conduct student staff meetings. Represent the College to parents and guests. Interpret and enforce College policy. Post fire safety information and arrange for regular inspections and fire drills at least once each semester. Open and close the hall at each vacation period. Collect and report information on hall maintenance problems. Maintain accurate and current hall records, including weekly logs, floor plans, key check-out and inventory, space scheduling, expenditure accounts, incident reports, damage reports, and room condition reports. Keep the Residence Life and Housing Office informed as to all room changes and change requests. Serve on campus committees as requested.

Arrange for academic, recreational, and social programs. Encourage alcohol and drug education programs. Advise student group programming. Act as a resource for residents requesting program information.

Hall Government
Organize and advise student government in the hall.

Counseling and Referral
Be generally available to residents and communicate effectively with students, staff, and faculty. Be supportive of diversity and different perspectives. Counsel students concerning personal college concerns and refer to other resources when appropriate.

Professional Development
The Resident Director is expected to attend professional conferences and take advantage of opportunities for professional development.

       A four-year degree
       Suitable experience in Residence Life/Student Affairs
       Two year commitment preferred

       Monthly salary; the position pays a 12- month salary over 11 months the first year. The salary is spread over 12 months for the Resident Directors who continue subsequent years of employment.
       1-2 bedroom and 1-2 bathroom residence hall apartment
       Full College board plan

Medical and Dental  Insurance
Eligibility for coverage begins August 1. The position is eligible for full time premium status for medical coverage. Employees pay a portion of the insurance premium based on salary. The typical Resident Director’s share of the monthly premium may be up to about $12 per month. The medical plan includes vision and prescriptions coverage. The College will pay for employee dental premiums.
Life Insurance
The college provides term group life insurance.  The benefit value is one and one-half times    annual salary.
Long-term Disability Insurance
The College pays the premium for this income protection insurance.
Tuition Remission
Resident Directors are eligible for one tuition-free class each semester.
Supplemental Retirement program- TIAA CREF
The employee can contribute up to the IRS allowable maximums into ROTH and/or pre-tax retirement savings accounts.

Matching Retirement program – TIAA CREF
Following one year of employment, the College will contribute 10% of annual salary to a         retirement fund provided the employee contributes a minimum of 2% of their annual salary.

Applications due by April 2th, 2018 for best consideration

To apply, please go to:
Search positions: Staff. Upload a letter of intent and a resume.

Have 3 letters of recommendation sent directly to:
Residence Life and Housing
Attn: RD Selection
Whitman College
345 Boyer Ave.
Walla Walla, WA  99362-2083

If you have questions, e-mail Residence Life and Housing:

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