Northwest Association of College & University Housing Officers

Meet the Spokane Local Arrangements Committee

Coordinated By: Kate Gannon-Cullinan

We are only 1 week away from our 2017 Annual Conference in Spokane, Washington. As such, we wanted to introduce our amazing host committee, comprised of professionals from schools throughout eastern Washington, who have been working all year to provide a great experience. We asked them why they wanted to be involved on this committee and within NWACUHO. You can identify them at the conference by their gray Spokane 2017 jackets and/or their Host Committee name badge ribbon. Be sure to say hello, thanks and chat them up throughout the conference!

The Board of Directors and the Local Arrangements Committee meeting in October 2016 at the Davenport for our conference site visit.

Josh Ashcroft – Committee Chair, Eastern Washington University: It has been a joy being the chair of the local arrangements team.  I originally volunteered as a way to give back to the organization that has given so much to me over the years.  However this volunteer opportunity, that I was entrusted with, has helped me learn to listen, empower, trust, and have a lot of fun.  The opportunity to work with amazing colleagues in our area has exceed my expectations.  It is one thing to see a colleague at a conference, but it’s another to roll up your sleeves, throw away titles, and just make things happen.  The local arrangements team’s ability to brainstorm, problem solve, and be accountable to one another has been inspiring.  This group is honored to host our colleagues this February in the place we call home Spokane, WA.  See you soon!!!!

Melanie Potts, Eastern Washington University:  I have worked in housing as a Room Assignments Coordinator at EWU for 10 years as a professional.  I have attended a few NWACUHO conferences in that time, and while I have volunteered at previous conferences, I wanted to  take a little extra on for this conference since it is right in our backyard.

Alex Matiash, Eastern Washington University: Volunteering for the Local Arrangements Committee in Spokane has broadened my understanding of the conference planning process.  Helping organize aspects of the conference help me understand the sheer amount of work professionals across our region engage in to provide one of the largest professional development opportunities our region has.

Brock Sieb, Eastern Washington University: I wanted to be involved with planning the conference to help members of our region have a great experience and have the opportunity to not just visit the same spot, but to actually join together.

Michelle Schultz, Eastern Washington University: I am excited to be a part of NWACUHO 2017 because I believe it will be an educational and restorative conference. I am thrilled to show off what a neat area Spokane is!

Jared Payton, Gonzaga University: I joined the committee for this particular conference because I was excited about the opportunity to engage with colleagues in the city that I LOVE! Volunteering for this committee has allowed me to expand my understanding of what it takes to make a NWACUHO conference successful and I have gained a tremendous amount of respect for the tremendous amount of planning and work that goes on behind the scenes through committee work and collaboration with the executive board. It has been great to work under the leadership of our chair, Josh Ashcroft and I believe that the committee is setting in place some exciting things that will allow for NWACUHO attendees to have a great experience at the conference and within Spokane.

Karen Metzner, Washington State University: I serve as an Assistant Director of Residence Life at WSU. I got involved in the local arrangements committee for NWACUHO 2017 so that I could help make a positive conference experience for all levels of professionals, make connections with my regional colleagues, and assist in welcoming folks to the beautiful area that I call home. Can’t wait to see you all in Spokane in just a few weeks.

Meg Autrey, Washington State University: I work as the Assistant Director for Housing & Conference services at WSU. I was excited for the opportunity to highlight my home to the NWACUHO region. In addition, I wanted to provide recommendations on ways that we can change things up within the professional conference experience.

Other members of the committee include Kyle Meyers at Gonzaga University and Barbara Ratcliff at Eastern Washington University. Additionally, the current President, Craig Whitton and our Washington State Representative, Janie Sacco II served on the local arrangements committee this year.

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