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Members Missed Connections

Before things became too strange, Craiglist’s Missed Connections section was fun, engaging and purposeful: post a description of someone with whom you had a brief or fleeting connection with in hopes of finding them and reconnecting over shared interests.  Many of us are now all too familiar with what Missed Connections have become.  Yikes.  In the spirit of the original Craiglist’s Missed Connections intent, welcome to NWACUHO Members Missed Connections!  Please use this opportunity to: 1) Reconnect with a member or members you may have met, maybe briefly at a conference, but lost their business card and can’t remember their last name or which institution they work at; 2) Put forth a question about a process, staff or policy development you’re working on and need to connect with staff from a different institution who can give feedback; 3) Or, pass along anonymous kudos to a member in an informal way.

Witty, fun, light-hearted, serious, pointed, and direct posts are welcome; however, please keep Members Missed Connections posts professional.  Posts will be moderated and posted every Friday on the NWACUHO site.  Please e-mail Membership Engagement Committee Chairs at engage@nwacuho.org with your Members Missed Connections post by noon on Thursday each week.  Posts submitted after noon on Thursdays will be posted the following Friday.  If you are a member who can identify a member in a Members Missed Connections post, please e-mail the chairs to help folks get connected.  If you can clearly identify yourself in a post, please e-mail the poster directly.

Example post below:

Looking for a member who works at one of the UW campuses.  We met at the Salem Conference.  You work with custodial staff, cleanliness inspections and apartment turns.  I have cleanliness inspection policy development questions!  Please contact 1234abc@xyz.edu.

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